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Building a Lasting Legacy: Essential Estate and Tax Planning Strategies for Retirement – Wednesday, May 29 at 6:30pm

If preservation and legacy are important to you, join us for this informative course designed to help you take control of your legacy and potentially influence the outcome of your retirement!

It can be easy to overlook, but an estate plan is essential for nearly every person, regardless of how much money you have. Without a plan, the laws in your state can govern what happens to your assets, leaving your family to deal with lengthy probate court delays and difficult decisions. Without proper planning, tax implications can be a huge burden on would-be inheritances. 

Topics discussed in the workshop:

  • What is a will and what does it accomplish
  • How and why are trusts used and what different types of trusts are available
  • What essential documents you should have in place now to protect you from outside influences impacting your assets
  • The importance of choosing the right candidate in your family to help make difficult decisions
  • How to improve your tax picture in retirement and ultimately leave a tax free legacy for your heirs
  • Concepts that can be used to help maximize your current assets and preserve your legacy

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About Michael Alimo:This course will be presented by Michael Alimo, a 30 year industry veteran. For the past 18 years, financial service advisor Alimo has served clientele around CT and New England at his USA Financial and Tax Services LLC. Services include comprehensive financial planning, investment and portfolio management, wealth preservation and transfer strategies, and business and estate planning. Committed to giving back to the community via educational workshops, Mr. Alimo has hosted many seminars for groups at libraries and social organizations about a variety of financial and planning topics. 

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