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Local Author Talk: Elizabeth Hoffmann – Saturday, February 10th at 1:00pm

Join us for a lively discussion with Old Lyme author Elizabeth Hoffmann. She will discuss her first novel One Ruby Button, the first book of The Raven Pritchard Chronicles series. 

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About the book: Meet Raven Pritchard. Raven’s a successful copywriter at a New York advertising agency. She’s well-respected for her writing talent, strategic insight, and marketing savvy. However, she’s usually distracted since she cares much more about the people in her life than her job. Her boyfriend, coworkers, and clients, and of course, her gray rescue cat Mr. Bellows. Added into the mix are her abusive birth mother and a sleazy New York reporter who’s out only for himself. When a tragic accident occurs that lands Raven in the hospital with serious injuries, everyone around her takes action. Some people are helpful and kind, while others behave in cruel and manipulative ways. Another tragedy hangs in the balance, and then the story becomes a race against the clock. The author Hoffmann has written a powerful, fast-paced novel that draws you in and compels you to keep reading. You’ll find it impossible to turn away since you want to see what happens next. All of the characters have been well-developed with care and insight and are interesting in their own right. The setting in NYC adds to the story, and the snappy dialogue will have you laughing on one page and crying on the next. This is a fun, unique novel that will appeal to both men and women!

This novel is for anyone who had a less than perfect birth family, holds out hope for finding good things in life, and appreciates courage in the face of adversity. You won’t want to miss it!

About the author: Old Lyme author Elizabeth Hoffmann has been published nationally and internationally, creating content on a broad variety of topics.

She has written stock analyses for the Motley Fool and been published by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and Reuters, as well as self-help articles for women’s lifestyle magazines. She has also written corporate white papers as a consultant for numerous Fortune 100 companies. Most recently and for three years, Liz wrote a bi-weekly column for a newspaper in Mid Coast Maine in the voice of her rescue dog, Benny.

Besides writing, Liz has held management positions at Disney, CBS and ABC networks, Nabisco Brands and Unilever. She has a BA and an MBA that she financed with the help of academic scholarships. Liz is a life-long vegetarian and cares deeply about animals and our planet.

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