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Let’s Get on the Same Page: Summer Fun! August Events

Let’s Get on the Same Page Summer Fun Challenge and Events. Updated with August Events!
Complete activities, earn badges, and score raffle tickets as you move your way around the map. You could win: a record player, squishmallow, a pokemon terrarium gift certificates and more!!

Pick up a game board in the library or play online using the Beanstack App.

You can register with Beanstack here: https://oldlymelibrary.beanstack.com/
Or download the Beanstack app! Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Make sure to log activities, reading and submit your tickets before the end of Summer Fun (Friday, August 18).

Summer Fun Programs and Events:

Due Tuesday, August 15th – Call for entries to publish your work!
Publishing opportunity for youth ages 11-18.
Each individual may submit up to two items.
Looking for photos, poems, short stories, drawings, comics, collages, book recs, movie reviews, interviews, etc!

Submit files to Nike by email ndesis@oldlymelibrary.org or drop off at the service desk.

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